Dress Sell Information

I'm looking to purchase a dress... will I get to try it on before I purchase? 

Absolutely! You will be given 90 minutes to try on the dresses that you are interested in. Bring a couple people with you that you trust for them to see it.   We are pretty laid back so there is no pressure to purchase. We know how important this is, so feel free to take your time.


We post all our available dresses on our webpage (See Dress gallery) for more information. So you can browse all you like before coming and select the ones that interest you before you even get here.  There is a dedicated room and full length mirror available for you to see how beautiful you will look. 

What designer of dresses will I find and how much will they cost? 

These dresses are consigned by real brides to you. There will be various designers such as Vera Wang, Mikaella, Demetrios, Sottero and Midgley, and David's Bridal to name a few.  Dress cost will vary from $100 up to $2000 or more based on the asking price of the brides. You can expect a saving of between 20% up to 90% off the regular retail price.  There will be something for everyone and best of all you will get to save a great deal of money and take the dress home the same day purchasing.  


Can I buy bridesmaid dresses or a formal gown? 

Yep we are also accepting bridesmaids, mother of the bride and formal dresses at this event. So you can find a variety of them here too. 

How do I pay for my dress?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and debit transactions (check to make sure your bank does not have a debit limit on your card) will be accepted. Cash transactions will also be accepted. Personal cheques however cannot be accepted. 

As a seller of a dress, how much do I get back if I consign my dress? 

We are keeping our cost low and will only be taking 20% of the total sale price to cover for administration costs and donations to the YWCA. You as the seller will receive 80% back of the selling price. This is much more then what other consignment stores  would offer.