I have wedding decor to sell  

UPDATE: we are offering the opportunity to sell your wedding decor without registering for a table.  We will be setting this up in a store format where you will have your products on display.


Brides to be can browse the products on the table, collect what they like and cash out before leaving the facility. (like you would a store) 

The payment format of this is similar to the dress consignment process. We will have tables set up so you can place your products. Space is limited so register early to ensure you have a spot. Wedding related items only please.


If you want to take a whole table and want to sell your products yourself, you can do that to. The cost per table is $50.00.  You can book through the book online tab. 

If you also have a dress to sell, please see "I want to sell my Dress(es)" page for more details on consigning your dress) 

You will receive 80% of the sale price back. 20% will be retained for administrative cost and donation to the YWCA. 

What to do now?

Collect/gather your items and create a detailed inventory of your products. 

Each items MUST be labelled with the following information: 

1. Name of sale item 

2. Name of consignor and contact information 

3. Price of item 

(This is to ensure the inventory is logged properly and you will receive payment back for your products.) 

Then, Register with us (See "book online"). There is a $5 administrative fee (non refundable).  You will be contacted with an inventory template and sale agreement. 

On the day of, arrive between 9am to 10am to sign in with us and set up your products on the tables. You are free to stay behind and watch your products if you like.


All sales transactions will be completed through a Durham Brides to Brides representative.   

If all your product sells, you will receive a phone call/text/email informing you that you do not need to come back to collect any remaining items. 

In the event that all items are not sold, you will be required to come collect any outstanding items between 2:00-3:00pm of the day. 


At the end of the event, you will receive your 80% via etransfer within a week or two fo the event ending. 


Yes it is that easy. (like we said, this is a community based event so we like to keep it simple)